Cool Tools Software on Your Office Must Be

It's been so many years of my work, I have always found the same thing. People working with computers. Average them all seriously. Starting from HRD, Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Logistics, and Production.

In companies that have fulfilled the average standard working behind the desk must use a computer. Until the reception class was always dealing with computers. According to my observations, there is a similar thing.

First: They must use the Spread Sheet. Use Popular product from Microsoft, that is EXCEL. Work began on creating the form, fill the data up to the financial analyzes. Always use EXCEL by Office. Because typically office use Windows as the platform of their computer system.

Second: Communication often use email, especially for the office that its Internet network is already well structured. Which open on their computer screens in the morning always the appropriate webmail server of their office, or with software already in the default window setting and that is OUTLOOK.

Third: WORD, standard place to write anything. Starting from the bills up to the letter of appointment of permanent employees. But when it comes to money usually use table from Excel uploaded to the word.

Fourth: Presentation. Reports are always expected with the presentation. Usually using POWER POINT. A standard program that must be learned if you want the report looks proffesional and nice on-screen projector.

Fifth: Browsers, start Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari brower up using the default gadgets. Currently the average person using the usual smartphone is always with office workers at their desks. The function of the browser, typically when a deadlock when you create something. then asked the internet. and usually when it is no work that is important. surfing the internet looking for things they enjoy. Ranging from news, music, artist to find cheap goods to be purchased.


I think the ability of capital above the five programs. We can work at the office for many years.

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